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Undefeated 2015

Freshly promoted from junior ranks in 2014 Michael Glaveys began the 2015 campaign as big under dogs, one of the favorites to be relegated straight back down to junior. What most people didn’t know tho was that there was a young team who played in division one all the way through underage about to brake onto the scene. Glaveys won their first few leagues games with ease as they were still in the junior league and this form progressed onto the start of the championship. They won all of their five group games beating a couple of teams that are veterans of the intermediate grade. This was just passed of as luck around the county and most people sure they would go no further than the quarter finals. Again the young fearless team progressed all the way to the final winning the semi and quarter finals by a narrow point each beating the hot favorites in the semi final. The day of the final arrived and Glaveys found themselves down by eight points within twenty minutes before they knew it. A lot of teams would of rolled over and died at this point but not this one, they didn’t know the meaning of losing. They came out in the second half and clawed their way back and ended up winning the game by a point. For the first time in thirty years Micheal Glaveys had not only won the intermediate championship but also went undefeated along they way also. Ironically thirty years ago team of 85 did the same thing.

Comentators reaction to Glaveys last gasp winner

Roscommon Intermediate Champions 2015